Modern Bathroom Designs

Modern Bathroom Designs.

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A showcase of bathroom design styles expected to be popular in 2009.

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25 comments on “Modern Bathroom Designs

  1. numb numbtesticles says:

    @Hyper6664 apropo…szia:)

  2. Sunil Sunny says:

    Awesome ideas, I also caught some great ideas on this website called
    Platinodesign(dot)Com. So many photos to check out

  3. ISinisterI says:

    now i dont feel like taking a dump in my bathroom :(

  4. Rashid Al Khalifa says:

    these bathrooms dont cost shit lol

  5. SigmaBuilders says:

    Great Bathrooms! Good Luck with fitting them !

  6. morenajasso says:

    thanx 4 this vids, I love modern baths!!

  7. Hyper6664 says:

    @numbtesticle :D:D:D perv

  8. Jailhouse Bradley says:

    only for rich bitches

  9. mb11095 says:

    Okay, some of these cabinets look like they came right out of levitra cost low Ikea. Some
    actually look like tampon dispensers on the wall! And totally
    non-functional. Where is the canadian healthcare viagra hamper? The makeup vanity? The pull out drawer
    with razors, extra toothbrushes? Where are the towel holders? And
    finally….who the hell puts little hay balls on the floor of their

  10. CHULAINNYC says:

    this designs are classy and viagra jelly brilliant.

  11. 1971SuperLead says:

    Only slave owners could afford such bathrooms.

  12. numb numbtesticles says:

    i liked the last picture

  13. Mustard Monkey says:

    great video, love the bathroom styles

  14. vrcraft says:

    ………the hell with this song

  15. pegobuilders says:

    great work

  16. bathroomfittersurrey says:

    Some cool bathrooms on here. Can I get a catalog from you?

  17. Newbathrooms says:

    Even in 2010 these still look good!

  18. tigerbalm says:

    Nice ideas, but practical-not! Who, but a few, could afford or would ever
    think of doing that? Oh, nice image of the naked woman! I like that…

  19. carles23nyc says:

    At 0.39 I like it

  20. ronib69 says:

    a superb video, a credit to advair diskus buy online bathroom firms everywhere.

  21. bathroomideas says:

    Just as good looking today as they were then in 2009.

  22. Ishmak2 says:

    I Ishmak. I not have nice bathroom. Him have the little mice watching when
    he doing the look here washing body. Ishmak try catch them but they fast as the
    motherfuckers. How Ishmak catch the little mice?

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  24. cushionangel says:


  25. numb numbtesticles says:

    @Hyper6664 nope…just straight!:D

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