Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel Clamp Problem & Must Have Solution

Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel Clamp Problem & Must Have Solution

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25 comments on “Thrustmaster T500RS Wheel Clamp Problem & Must Have Solution

  1. Matthew Coleman says:

    I’ve got this wheel, my clamp has a hairline crack on one of the arms cause
    I’ve been over tightening the clamp (so Thrustmaster tells me anyways).
    Will try greasing as you suggest but I fear my clamp is not long for this

  2. MightyMadify says:

    little bit of rubber under the table..done!

  3. BeanzGamingHD says:

    what TVs are these ?

  4. FrenchyintheHood says:

    Great video!

  5. pigstix says:

    An extra tip is to put a piece of anti-slip mat between the desk and the
    wheel base before clamping it down.

  6. Ramdompcgamer says:

    Dam it this did not show up in my inbox sad face

  7. MultiCookieWookie says:

    Just wanted you to know this worked great for me! Had some real issues
    clamping down my t500rs before. Used some bearing grease which worked
    great. Thanks!

  8. MrJoeDaddyMac says:

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  9. Green Bean Wizard says:

    Nice information, nice style.

  10. BeanzGamingHD says:

    can you use the 240hz when gaming ?

  11. Arek Pelka says:

    did you try club sport base from fanatec? In your opinion Thrustmaster
    t500RS It’s better? And why.

  12. Mclarnf1 says:

    Do you know if you can get a replacement clamp for the T500RS. My friend
    just broke mind today. :(

  13. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    Samsung 46″ 1080P 240hz LED Model # UN46D6050TS… Picked them up a year
    ago at Costco on sale for $1200 each. You can get 3x 46″ screens a lot
    cheaper then that now.

  14. Daniel Kelly says:

    love it, you’re real easy to watch

  15. Cornsnake74 says:


  16. JBP46 says:

    liked, sub, shared

  17. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    Thank you so much, I plan too!

  18. XMalonyX says:

    My T500RS Clamping black part is broken .. what should i do?!!!! do i have
    to replace something else instead of the plastic shit … or do i have to
    buy the same part which i don’t know if its a part that can be bought
    individually ????!!!!!!!!!!!!! plzzzzz help

  19. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    I would imagine, call up Thrustmaster they might even just replace it for

  20. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    Do you know why not? If I’m doing something wrong when posting these let me

  21. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    Thank you, I plan on making videos a lot more frequently but with my day
    job it’s hard sometimes. I’ll try to keep the channel fresh and establish
    some kind of schedule in the future so my video releases are more

  22. Mantra Narain says:

    I like it, smart tip.

  23. Jimmytwogunz says:

    @Barnacules Nerdgasm Would playing Mario Kart on this be OVERKILL ? hahaha :D

  24. Barnacules Nerdgasm says:

    Yes, but it’s just frame scaling done by the TV and it introduces a little
    lag from the input and sound. I disable it all to get the most crisp input

  25. Tim Braden says:

    love your vids keep up the good job - CV Resume